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Black Male Nude Wrestling

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Black male wins opportunity to bash some white meat!

Black fighter Race Cooper goes against ’seasoned’ wrestler Dak Ramsey who has several matches behind his back. With each win there is a fresh ass to fuck, so will he gets to part this black butt in half or be parted by what looks like full twelve inches of black cock which is twice the size of his tool. Just seeing this monster dick coupled with huge balls hang between Race’s legs is intimidating. Watch this match where experience goes against sheer presents to see who wins…

Oily Naked Male Wrestling

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Hot bodied men battle naked on the oiled ring!

A winner of two fights Shane Erickson returns to Naked Kombat for a fight against new comer that might shake his dreams of becoming the first nude wrestling champion in history. He is bigger and stronger than before with cumshot just as heavy, but is it enough to win from Kyle Sparks who has Tae Kwan Do background? Kyle hasn’t wrestled before and haven’t been filmed on camera naked either. So will his training help him take over the rising champ or he will face humiliation by being fucked on the ring into his well oiled ass by a hard winner’s cock…

Male Bondage

Powerful men are often seen in control of situation. They are the ones to lead the scene and decide the destiny of submissive female slaves. Men In Pain, where guys get dominated by women to endure punishment, is only exception from this rule. But what if we wanted to see male on male action with guy going against another guy in no limits no clothes allowed competitions? Something which haven’t existed online until the beginning of this year when Kink production known for many of its original bondage ideas (just remember Device Bondage), presented to us Naked Kombat site. It is about gladiator like men wrestle for a chance to use their opponents however they desire, fuck them in the ass or make them suck dick… Male Bondage doesn’t get more entertaining to watch and rewarding for participants than that!

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Latin Guy The Butt Machine Star

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Site member first-hand experience with machines!

Latin hottie Dominic Pacifico has a subscription to Butt Machine Boys himself. He follows the sites updates for years and when invited for 2009 site relaunch he was all up for it. In the warehouse he was like a boy in candy store stunned by the variety of things to try. He starts with a dildo to relax his ass a bit, before it gets plugged with Crystal Palace. But the real challenge comes from The Dragon machine which goes deep and hard with every of its stroke. See inside if he survive it to become BMB star…

DJ Meets Ass Machine Master

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Ass machine master in control of DJ’s sexy ass!

After being knocked out several ours later DJ wakes up and finds himself in wet dungeon. He tries to raise his head but chains over his neck prevent him from doing it. He soon hears voice of Ass Master who tells him that the only way for him to get out is to give up his ass to his monstrous Butt Machines. DJ has no other choice but to endure this humiliation of being fucked into his tight ass by several senseless machines…

Farmer Rides His Fucking Machines

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Farmer interacts with his machines in the barn!

After a hard day in the field riding his tractor farmer Dean returns his working machines to the barn where his pleasure machines have been waiting for him. He now has time for himself as he setups his electrical butt toys for some action. She puts one just in front of him, spreads his legs and switches Butt Machine on to let it do its job of stretching his ass with huge dildo on top of moving metal pole. He uses another one to take himself to explosive orgasm..

Sexy Stud Takes It From Machine

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Hot stud with nice cock and big hole for machine!

Tucker Forrest has big juicy hole, a perfect place for Butt Machine experiments. He gets to try different toys which pound his ass deep and fast until he makes his mind on The Satisfier. It is a big vibrating machine with fast spinning wheel attached to metal pole with rubber dildo on it. This toy dives into Tucker’s ass with a lightning speed and takes him to a screaming orgasm while making him cum all over the place and on himself…

Ass Stretched With Butt Machine

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First timer receives anal treatment from butt machine!

Shy and quiet James Fox is having his first appearance on video and being assaulted with Butt Machine is not something you call an easy experience. He stretches his ass with rubber toys and uses prostate massager to relax it a bit. But nothing prepares him for vibrating The Satisfier machine, the first machine to enter his ass, that gives him hard pounding he won’t soon forget. The Monster with thick dildo finishes the job of taking James to his first mechanic orgasm…

Black Guy Machine Ass Fuck

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Black guy with tight ass fucked by machine!

Competitive Race Cooper is up for challenge of being fucked by Butt Machine when being asked by his mate. He takes in a pole from Lighthouse and it doesn’t take him long before he starts to ask for it to go faster. Race has his wish fulfilled and then again when he jumps onto Black Magic with thick dildo on top. It goes fast and deep into his dark whole, before taking him to explosive orgasm when making him erupt fountain of warm cum…

Nude Man Gets Butt Machined

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Man satisfies himself with cock and ass stimulation!

Horny Trey Turner skips lunch and hides in the warehouse where Butt Machines are stored to satisfy his other urge than that for food. He stretches his ass with rubber toys then eases it onto a floor machine. Trey makes it fuck him standing, in case someone may notice him and he will have to run. He then relaxes a bit and takes in a Woody, which is made of a wooden frame, a motor and a spinning flywheel with pole that sends fast pounding movements to Trey’s muscular butt…

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