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Naked Male Oil Wrestling

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Oil round decides the outcome of the match!

Tenacious John Stone confronts seasoned wrestler Spencer Reed in this nude wrestling match. Spencer is shy and quite boy until he gets on the ring where he turns into an animal with extreme strength and skills no force can resist. He laughs and smiles as he dominates John in the first half of the match, but there is another part with oily round in it. Will John stand to his name and cope with pressure of his opponent then use his persistence to take over Spencer when things get slippery? See inside…

Nude Male Wrestling In Mud

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Professional fighters battle on the ring for opponent’s ass!

There is nothing ordinary in nude male wrestling fight in which former fighters Dean Tucker and James Hamilton go against each other. Dean was a kick boxer in college, while James brings his street-fighting skills to the ring. The way they treat each other can be described anything but love birds play. And one needs more than attitude here to win the match and be on top. The battle is tense and final round in pool mud test endurance of both fighters even further…

Nude Male Wrestlers Water Match

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Nude wrestlers battle under streams of cold water!

Two tops Nick Moretti and Tyler Saint go through a series of rounds which are set to decide who will be the bottom in the final sex round. There is three eight minutes rounds in each Naked Kombat match, which include plenty of muscle slipping, cock sliding and ass slapping action, this time with water gushing form above on both fighters. They battle hard, but there is only one winner who is allowed to have a way with his opponent’s ass. Watch inside who will that be?

Naked Kombat Male Wrestling

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Professional wrestlers in nude gay wrestling!

The first shoot on Naked Kombat involved battle between Fabrizio Mangiatti versus Rick Bauer who was 6th in 2001 International Wrestling Championship. There is no jokes here, all wrestlers have special training and undertake screening that evaluates their fitness level before they are allowed on the mat. And that is the place where hot things happen, muscular guys rub their hard cocks against each other’s faces, squeeze balls and do whatever it takes to humiliate their opponent and win the battle…

Young Nude Man Wrestling Old

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Experience goes against youth in nude fight!

First match for live audience at Naked Kombat. There are 50 people watching this nude wrestling match between Drake Jaden and younger Dean Tucker. Dean is looking to add another win to his 1-1 victory, but the stakes are high. There is an experience opponent and threat of public humiliation of being fucked in the ass by the winner. Will his young mind cope with such pressure or his tight ass could endure punishment, see inside…

Big Cocks Nude Wrestling Match

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Big cock nude men have wet wresting match!

Two big cock hotties Shane Erickson and Rusty Stevens prepare for their first match together. Shane has some experience in male wrestling fights and Rusty is a rookie. The water is streaming down from above onto the mat to make its surface slippery and more difficult to balance on and to cool down the powerful boys a bit so they won’t hurt each other too much. See this wet match which include several rounds of balls grabbing, ass slapping and cock sucking…

Nude Male Mud Wrestling

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Two messy males wrestle each other in pool of mud!

Two warriors Colby Keller and Dakota Rivers clash together at the beginning of a long battle which ends up dirty. Both worked hard on their bodies to be in the greatest possible shape for competition, but there will be only one winner. And he will be decided in the final round taking place in the pool of mud which makes it even more difficult for exhausted fighters to wrestle opponent. The final shower with a winner getting a tight ass to unleash his heavy load into is prize worth fighting for…

Black Male Nude Wrestling

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Black male wins opportunity to bash some white meat!

Black fighter Race Cooper goes against ’seasoned’ wrestler Dak Ramsey who has several matches behind his back. With each win there is a fresh ass to fuck, so will he gets to part this black butt in half or be parted by what looks like full twelve inches of black cock which is twice the size of his tool. Just seeing this monster dick coupled with huge balls hang between Race’s legs is intimidating. Watch this match where experience goes against sheer presents to see who wins…

Oily Naked Male Wrestling

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Hot bodied men battle naked on the oiled ring!

A winner of two fights Shane Erickson returns to Naked Kombat for a fight against new comer that might shake his dreams of becoming the first nude wrestling champion in history. He is bigger and stronger than before with cumshot just as heavy, but is it enough to win from Kyle Sparks who has Tae Kwan Do background? Kyle hasn’t wrestled before and haven’t been filmed on camera naked either. So will his training help him take over the rising champ or he will face humiliation by being fucked on the ring into his well oiled ass by a hard winner’s cock…

Male Bondage

Powerful men are often seen in control of situation. They are the ones to lead the scene and decide the destiny of submissive female slaves. Men In Pain, where guys get dominated by women to endure punishment, is only exception from this rule. But what if we wanted to see male on male action with guy going against another guy in no limits no clothes allowed competitions? Something which haven’t existed online until the beginning of this year when Kink production known for many of its original bondage ideas (just remember Device Bondage), presented to us Naked Kombat site. It is about gladiator like men wrestle for a chance to use their opponents however they desire, fuck them in the ass or make them suck dick… Male Bondage doesn’t get more entertaining to watch and rewarding for participants than that!

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