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Guy Ass Machined In Shower

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Handsome guy has his tight ass machined in shower!

Hottie Jake Woods prepares himself in the shower for a ride of his life on Butt Machine. He cleans himself thoroughly, washes his butt hole which soon will be plugged with rubber toys. At first his ass gets stretched with fat dildo attachment to electric Trespasser machine. Its movements are sharp and fast. He refrains from cumming just yet. Jake is then switched to Little Guy which has small but powerful piston that has fast and deep strokes. It makes him cum in minutes…

Guy Machined With Butt Toy

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Straight guy gets his butt hole machined with big toy!

Lobo has been curious about the whole butt machine thing since the opening of Butt Machine Boys. He was hesitating to try it because he hasn’t had anything stuffed into his ass before as he is totally straight. One of the recent episode with guy taking water snake along with rubber dildo up his ass and cumming hard as the result of such stimulation inspires Lobo to give it a go. He will then tell that he hasn’t experienced anything like that before and looking forward to another round…

Butt Machine Boys

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Butt Machine Boys - Gay Fucking Machines!
Tight male asses fucked by huge powered dildos!

Genre: Gay Machine Fucking

You might remember Fucking Machines site, which has made much of noise in online bondage community when it first appeared online. It was another new innovative idea performed live from Kink’s owner Peter Ackworth who created automatic dildos powered by big machines which fucked every hole they can fit in. The site was a huge hit at the time of its launch and it still remains very popular now. However, all holes Fucking Machines were pounding belonged to females… not anymore. Let me introduce you to Butt Machine Boys. It features the same monstrous machines spinning same metal disks, connected to massive poles with big rubber dildos on top, only this time guys’ tight asses are at their mercy. Just as you’d dream it to be!

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Naked Kombat Wrestling Guys

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Experience goes against youth in nude fight!

Former kick-boxer and Martial Arts expert Shane Erickson takes on newcomer Jimmie Slater. Jimmie has wrestling experience and assumes this Naked Kombat match will be walk in the park for him. But things go the other way around as he gets locked up and taken down by Shane’s long legs again and again. Excited with fight both wrestlers keep their cocks hard up till the third round where the winner is decided. In the end, when they get to fuck each other, it becomes clear what was on their minds all that time…

Naked Male Oil Wrestling

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Oil round decides the outcome of the match!

Tenacious John Stone confronts seasoned wrestler Spencer Reed in this nude wrestling match. Spencer is shy and quite boy until he gets on the ring where he turns into an animal with extreme strength and skills no force can resist. He laughs and smiles as he dominates John in the first half of the match, but there is another part with oily round in it. Will John stand to his name and cope with pressure of his opponent then use his persistence to take over Spencer when things get slippery? See inside…

Nude Male Wrestling In Mud

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Professional fighters battle on the ring for opponent’s ass!

There is nothing ordinary in nude male wrestling fight in which former fighters Dean Tucker and James Hamilton go against each other. Dean was a kick boxer in college, while James brings his street-fighting skills to the ring. The way they treat each other can be described anything but love birds play. And one needs more than attitude here to win the match and be on top. The battle is tense and final round in pool mud test endurance of both fighters even further…

Nude Male Wrestlers Water Match

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Nude wrestlers battle under streams of cold water!

Two tops Nick Moretti and Tyler Saint go through a series of rounds which are set to decide who will be the bottom in the final sex round. There is three eight minutes rounds in each Naked Kombat match, which include plenty of muscle slipping, cock sliding and ass slapping action, this time with water gushing form above on both fighters. They battle hard, but there is only one winner who is allowed to have a way with his opponent’s ass. Watch inside who will that be?

Naked Kombat Male Wrestling

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Professional wrestlers in nude gay wrestling!

The first shoot on Naked Kombat involved battle between Fabrizio Mangiatti versus Rick Bauer who was 6th in 2001 International Wrestling Championship. There is no jokes here, all wrestlers have special training and undertake screening that evaluates their fitness level before they are allowed on the mat. And that is the place where hot things happen, muscular guys rub their hard cocks against each other’s faces, squeeze balls and do whatever it takes to humiliate their opponent and win the battle…

Young Nude Man Wrestling Old

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Experience goes against youth in nude fight!

First match for live audience at Naked Kombat. There are 50 people watching this nude wrestling match between Drake Jaden and younger Dean Tucker. Dean is looking to add another win to his 1-1 victory, but the stakes are high. There is an experience opponent and threat of public humiliation of being fucked in the ass by the winner. Will his young mind cope with such pressure or his tight ass could endure punishment, see inside…

Big Cocks Nude Wrestling Match

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Big cock nude men have wet wresting match!

Two big cock hotties Shane Erickson and Rusty Stevens prepare for their first match together. Shane has some experience in male wrestling fights and Rusty is a rookie. The water is streaming down from above onto the mat to make its surface slippery and more difficult to balance on and to cool down the powerful boys a bit so they won’t hurt each other too much. See this wet match which include several rounds of balls grabbing, ass slapping and cock sucking…

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